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Zika Virus! Symptoms, Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Zika virus is the type of a virus that escalates by the bit of a mosquito known by the name of Aedes mosquito. The mosquito is known to bite during the day time only. The mosquito is also known as the yellow fever mosquito. The mosquito can be recognized by the white lines on its legs and a lyre on the thorax.

History of Zika Virus:

The zika virus mosquito was first discovered in the state of Uganda in the year 1947. The virus occurred in a species of monkeys. The virus was found and observed in the humans in the year 1952 in Uganda and also the Republic of Tanzania. The epidemic explosion of the virus was also recorded in countries like Africa, America, Asia and also the Pacific.

The virus was found as an atypical spasmodic case in the year 1960 to the year 1980 in the form of infections in the human body. The virus was escorted with clement affliction.

The island of Yap catalogued the upsurge of the Zika virus diseases in the year 2007. It was followed by a spate in French Polynesia as well in the year 2013 and also other enclaves of the Pacific. After this Brazil recorded and observed the upsurge of the precipitous ailment which was soon discovered to be as the Zika virus. The virus is also known to be kindred with the Guillain Barre syndrome. This discovery was made in the year 2015.

Signs and Symptoms:

It is said that about four out of five people actually develop the symptoms as soon as they are affected by the disease however in some cases they are seen to occur after seven days or in a weeks’ time. The signs and symptoms of Zika virus include the following

  1. Fever
  2. Rash
  3. Joint or muscular pain
  4. Headache, migraine
  5. Conjunctivitis


Zika Virus Causes

Zika virus is mainly analogous with the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito species. The mosquito is found all over the world. When the mosquito bites the person who is infected by the diseases it is transmitted to the mosquito. When that particular mosquito bites a healthy person the virus is transmitted in the healthy person’s blood through the mosquito.

The virus can also affect the baby/fetus through the mother during pregnancy if the mother is affected by the virus. The virus is also known to spread through sexual contact and also blood transfusions.

Risk Factors:

Factors that put you at greater risk of developing the Zika virus include:

  • Living or traveling in nations where there have been episodes of the virus. Being in tropical and subtropical territories builds your danger of introduction to the infection that causes the Zika infection. Particularly high-chance zones incorporate a few islands of the Pacific locale, various nations in Central, South and North America, and islands close West Africa. Since the mosquito that conveys the Zika infection is discovered around the world, all things considered, episodes will keep on spreading to new areas.
  • The mosquitoes that disseminate the Zika infection are found in certain regions of the United States. Most instances of the Zika infection disease in the U.S. have been accounted for in explorers coming back to the U.S. Be that as it may, the nearby transmission has been accounted for in specific territories of the U.S. Furthermore, in Puerto Rico.
  • Having unprotected sex. The Zika infection can spread to someone else through sex. On the off chance that male sex accomplices or a couple that incorporates a male and female accomplice travel to a region with a Zika hazard, the CDC recommends utilizing condoms or staying away from sex for three months. In the event that female accomplices travel to a territory with a Zika chance, the CDC recommends utilizing condoms or maintaining a strategic distance from sex for somewhere around two months. Likewise, the CDC prompts forbearance from sexual action amid pregnancy or condom use amid all sexual contact for a pregnant lady or her accomplice who have gone to or lived in a zone of dynamic Zika infection transmission.


Zika infection contamination amid pregnancy have been connected to premature delivery and microcephaly, a possibly lethal inborn mind condition.

The Zika infection may likewise cause innate Zika disorder, which incorporates this birth absconds:

  • Severe microcephaly with a halfway fell skull
  • Brain harm and diminished mind tissue
  • Eye harm
  • Joint issues, including constrained movement
  • Reduced body development because of a lot of muscle tone after birth

The Zika infection additionally may cause other neurological clutters, for example, Guillain-Barre disorder.


There is no immunization to ensure against the Zika infection.

Zika Virus Prevention

The CDC prescribes every single pregnant lady abstain from making a trip to zones where there is an episode of the Zika infection. On the off chance that you have an accomplice who lives in or has gone to a region where there is an episode of the Zika infection, the CDC prescribes declining sex amid pregnancy or utilizing a condom amid sexual contact.

In the event that you are attempting to wind up pregnant, converse with your specialist about any forthcoming sightseeing plans and the danger of getting tainted with the Zika infection. Your specialist may propose you and your accomplice hold on to attempt to imagine for a while.

Amid sexual contact, utilize a condom to decrease the danger of getting or spreading the Zika infection in the event that you or your accomplice lives in or has ventured out to a region where there is a flare-up of Zika infection. Or on the other hand, dodge sexual contact.

Some Tips to Avoid Danger of Mosquito Chomps:

On the off chance that you are living or going in tropical regions where the Zika infection is known to be, these tips may help decrease your danger of mosquito chomps:

  • Stay in cooled or all around screened lodging. The mosquitoes that convey the Zika infection are most dynamic from first light to sunset, however, they can likewise chomp during the evening. Consider dozing under a mosquito bed net, particularly on the off chance that you are outside.
  • Wear defensive attire. When you go into mosquito-invaded regions, wear a since quite a while ago sleeved shirt, long jeans, socks and shoes.
  • Use mosquito repellent. Permethrin can be connected to your garments, shoes, outdoors rigging and bed netting. You additionally can purchase dressing made with permethrin as of now in it. For your skin, utilize an anti-agents containing something like a 10 per cent centralization of DEET.
  • At the point when utilized as coordinated, bug anti-agents that are enlisted with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are demonstrated sheltered and compelling for pregnant and bosom bolstering ladies.
  • Reduce mosquito living space. The mosquitoes that convey the Zika infection normally live in and around houses, rearing in standing water that can gather in such things as creature dishes, window boxes and utilized car tires. Lessen the rearing natural surroundings to bring down mosquito populaces.

Zika Virus Infection Transmitted Through Blood Transfusion:

All blood gifts are currently screened for the Zika infection. To additionally decrease the danger of transmitting Zika infection through blood transfusion in regions where there are no dynamic Zika infection flare-ups, the Food and Drug Administration suggests not giving blood for about a month on the off chance that you:

  • Have been affected with the virus.
  • Traveled or lived in a zone with dynamic Zika infection transmission.
  • bear side effects that are suggestive of Zika infection contamination inside about fourteen days of movement from a territory with Zika infection.
  • experienced sexual contact with an accomplice who has been determined to have Zika infection contamination.
  • Have had sexual contact with an accomplice who has voyage or lived in a zone with dynamic Zika infection transmission in the previous three months.


Your specialist will probably get some information about your therapeutic and travel history. Make sure to depict global excursions in detail, including the nations you and your sexual accomplice have visited and the dates, just as any reach you may have had with mosquitoes.

Converse with your specialist about which tests for the Zika infection or comparable illnesses, for example, dengue or chikungunya infections, which are spread by a similar sort of mosquitoes are accessible in your general vicinity. Your specialist may complete a blood or pee test to analyze the Zika infection.

On the off chance that you are pregnant without any side effects of Zika infection disease with a past filled with ongoing travel to a region with dynamic Zika infection transmission can be offered trying two to 12 weeks after her arrival.


There is no treatment accessible for Zika infection contamination or its related maladies.

Manifestations of Zika infection contamination are normally mellow. Individuals with side effects, for example, fever, rash, or arthralgia ought to get a lot of rest, drink liquids, and treat agony and fever with basic drugs. In the event that side effects intensify, they should look for restorative consideration and guidance.

Pregnant ladies living in territories with Zika transmission or who create side effects of Zika infection contamination should look for therapeutic consideration for research facility testing and other clinical consideration.

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