Vitamix vs Ninja Review [Which Blender You Need To Buy?]


While buying the best blender for protein shakes appears to be difficult, isn’t it? Obviously, the market is soaked with various items from various makers. While you can purchase any mixer, getting your cash worth to be your key. Read below as we contrast Vitamix vs Ninja.

What is the difference between mixers (Vitamix vs Ninja)?

Many people who need a solid blender consistently pick one of the two. In spite of various brands, the two mixers have strong cutting blades that pound the ice in a moment or two. So, they are both simple to clean.

Here is a portion of the features we saw when testing the mixers that framed the two phases of our mixer in our audit.


Once cleaned, you should dry the blender totally to keep it from creating smells. Then again, cleaning the Ninja mixer is exceptionally simple. As it very well may be cleaned by a similar procedure, the Ninja sharp blades can without much of a stretch be cleaned independently. This makes cleaning a lot quicker and simpler than the Vitamix scope of mixers. When cleaning Ninja mixers, be careful with the cutting blades.


Ninja has a staying capacity on the base of the mixer known as the locking switch which assists with keeping the mixer from moving when blending thick materials like mixture.

With regards to speed, the Ninja mixer extends incorporates three modes joined with a quick button. This gives you more authority over the measure of the blend you need from your dishes or foods. While Ninja has great speeds, the blade turret provided in the scope of mixers makes it hard to enjoy all the blend. If essential, utilize a spoon rather than your finger.


This is principally significant if you are blending in with more individuals. The following are the kinds of compartments accessible for Ninja and Vitamix mixers. While picking between these two amazing mixers, it is critical to consider the sorts of holders that can be bought for any of the mixers.

Ninja line holder alternatives incorporate 72-ounce canisters, 40-ounce bowl and 1 serving cup. Holder alternatives in the Vitamix line incorporate a 64-ounce compartment (standard and low), a 48-ounce compartment, a 32-ounce compartment and a 32-ounce holder of dry grain.  Vitamix is the best blender for ice.

Blending limit:

The force or intensity of the Vitamix mixers is 1380 watts. It is the best portable blender. Then again, in light of Ninja mixer models, its capacity fluctuates somewhere in the range of 1000 and 1500. Regarding crude vitality, Vitamix dominates. While the Vitamix blender effectively blends and pounds solidified food, Ninja blenders face incredible difficulties. The Ninja blender is ideal for the mildest food. Vitamix is the best protein shake blender.

What to consider while picking between two mixers?

The mixers make your work in the kitchen simple. Regardless of whether you need to make crisp juice, juice or your own sauce, getting the ideal blender for your requirements is something you can’t decide to overlook. All things considered, the final result need to be the manner in which you need it

There are a few things that you have to experience your agenda before getting one of the two mixers.


Depending upon how regularly you intend to utilize your blender, you need to think about the quality. If like clockwork, the costly model will do well for you. While you’re grinding away, likewise consider the spending you consider what the market brings to the table. The list of features you need in the mixer can assist you with setting the financial limit.


The hardened steel mixers are light, yet it is hard for you to see within when blending. Plastic mixers are lightweight, simple to clean, and can endure falling water. In any case, they will, in general, keep up the smell.

Blending Controls:

With the last mentioned, you should squeeze buttons to change the speed while the chip has modified glass cycles and needn’t bother with a lot of consideration.

The scope of mixers (Vitamix versus ninja) are excellent mixers and is a commendable speculation. The two scopes of drag mixers, whenever utilized and appropriately kept up, can serve you for a couple of years before you need to purchase another mixer.

Motor force/power:

The mixers have two distinctive torque. Most extreme and ostensible force. This force produced when the mixer is turned on is known as the greatest force while the steady force that the motor can withstand is known as the ostensible force. Vitamix is the best blender for crushing ice.


Then again, the counter mixers are conveyed with a huge pot associated with the help and control the mixer devices. In a perfect world, counter mixers are committed to your counter. While picking which one to purchase between the two, you should consider the surface region of ​​your kitchen and the capacity for which you need the mixer to serve.

Types of Mixers:

Do you likewise need an electric mixer? Here are a few inquiries that can assist you with picking the kind of blender to put your cash into. As referenced before, mixers can be utilized for an assortment of purposes.

Comparison Table:-

Warranty10 years1 year
Motor2.2 HP2 HP
BladesThick and BluntThick, sharp tower blades
DisplayDigital LCD, physical dialNo LCD Display
Capacity64 oz.72 oz.

Wrap Up:-

While Vitamix mixers are increasingly steady and an incredible decision for visit use, Ninja mixers offer less issue of cleaning. In any case, the decision of a mixer relies upon the particular needs of the person. Discover what features you need in your mixer and pick at any rate one, if not all, all.


Is Ninja Blender as good as Vitamix?

Vitamix is very good for crushing hard objects. Ninja is a bit slow in crushing hard food.

Which one is better, Ninja or Vitamix?

Vitamix is more powerful, elegant and an all-around blender as compared to Ninja blender.

Which one is the best blender for the kitchen?

Both are the best blenders. But Vitamix has an upper hand over Ninja on power, durability, and warranty.

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