Vitamix 5300 Protein shake Blender

Vitamix Blender

It isn’t only a blender. This is what you have to instruct yourself to really burn through cash on any of these things. I know there is an old discussion about Vitamix versus Blendtec. Much obliged to you Vitamix.

We value this incredible item! As certain commentators have noticed, the 5300 may not fit under all cupboards, so you have to quantify. Our own doesn’t match and I’m upbeat like that. Vitamix 5300 is the best blender for protein shakes.

Main Features:-

Decent Blender:

We tried 5300, and there are various things I might want to remark on in the wake of using different surveys here. I consider the additional progression as a security issue and have no issue with it.

In reality, as we know it where everything is quick, squeezing a solitary button – with delightful blue lighting, could include – scarcely appears as though a joke when the blender itself is somewhat of a practical stunner.

Better than 5200:

To give you a few perspectives, I am one of the individuals who snickered or ridiculed other people who proceeded with Vitamix. No chance I would have spent nearly $ 500 on a battery-operated blender! I wasn’t right. I had three distinct dishes in a year, blending the entirety of the entire tamarind.

As indicated by Vitamix client support, this blender isn’t proposed for use in a café. I’m not buttoning it’s meaning? Assume there is no reason to worry if you just need porridge or smoothies. Vitamix blends vegetables, spinach, and berries better, and the outcome is a soda pop without the standard jaws.

Less Space:

It occupies less room. 5300 has a good setting. I once in a while need to utilize a safe key. With the best juice blender, you need to remain over half of the time.

The container is a lot shorter (however it contains a similar sum). It’s more extensive. It currently slides down from the tabletops with the container on the base. We chose to utilize Vitamix 5300 on Blendtec and Ninja since it appears to have the best maintainability record.

Good for Juices:

It works like 5200; I don’t perceive any distinction, I make juices, nut spread, soup, vegetable cuts, and so on. Somebody referenced that Kitchen Aid does the greater part of similar work. I put the majority of my other ledge blenders on as Vitamix does nearly all that I need.

In case you’re going to get one and can bear the cost of it, do it. You won’t think twice about it for a second. Particularly if you are doing this with the goal that you can mitigate the torment of day by day vegetable utilization.


The bowl of this battery-operated blender is fresh similar to an eggshell. Blendtec was extremely close, however numerous remarks about getting a cap and a spill made me board Vitamix. This thing is a super fluidized machine from 2050.


The bigger container is a more joyful pot. It is a device for individual use, yet I like that the blades come extremely close to the nourishment I blend/hack/and so on. It is additionally effectively open for any cleaning past the typical purging of Vitamix sudsy water.

Less Noisy:

There is less noise than the 5200. Around 3 years prior I utilized the 5200 with a polycarbonate container which was essentially indestructible and was not showcased as business-grade. It makes less noise.


Truly, $ 420 is charged for the blender. So, this thing isn’t a blender. I simply toss things on it, I get unadulterated and smooth nourishment and the consistency of ‘stripped’ juice. No pieces, no hinders, no pieces. It is also the best blender for ice.


I trust this will support you. I have been utilizing Vitamix machines for quite a long time, so you will be happy with the model you purchase. 5300, as I would like to think, is the best worth. I needed to keep the container in my safe.  It is the best portable blender.


This solitary accompanies a multi-year guarantee. A 4-year guarantee buy includes an extra $ 50, making it $ 100 new. Since new organizations have an entire multiyear guarantee, they truly are not a challenge.


Brand            Vitamix
Weight          12 lbs.
Colour           Black
Size                 7.5*8.5*17
Material        Plastic
Warranty      7 year

Pros & Cons

Key Features
  • Blunt blades without tampering
  • Flawless performance
  • Amazing motor power
  • Best protein shake blender
  • Speed control variations
  • Pulse variety
  • 64-ounce container
  • 7-year warranty
  • Not good like old Vitamix
  • Not good for smoothies

Pricing Comparison of Blender Juicer vs. Blender between Amazon and eBay:-

Price on Amazon                     374 $

Price on eBay                           767 $

There is such a great difference in pricing. You can also check out the link where you can buy that blender with a good discount. Vitamix is the best blender for ice.

Our Verdict
It is the best portable blender. Vitamix – once more, paying little mind to the model is as yet the blender that was worked in the United States It isn’t delivered to us from China. The way that it is made by American laborers and that it is the best blender on the planet makes us the Vitamix family forever.


Why is Vitamix 5300 an ideal blender?

That is valid. It works! It is lighter to hold. Vitamix 5300 blender is bigger, elegant and a dynamic blender for your home. As it blends in a few seconds and makes fresh natural juice.

What is the difference between Vitamix 5200 and 5300?

Not a big difference. But overall 5200 is good for smoothies and 5300 is ideal for fruit juices. 5300 is more powerful than 5200.

Is Vitamix 5300 BPA free?

It is made up of Titan. That’s why its BPA free.

Is Vitamix 5300 good for frozen fruits?

Yes, it’s pretty good for frozen fruits and vegetables.

Wrap Up:-

The best blender for protein shakes is good to use. I have discussed myself accepting one for a while. I was contemplating getting a renovated one for $ 270, yet I read a great deal of audits saying that the home blenders were having a ton of issues.

Vitamix now appears to have a house as opposed to a business-grade machine.

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