Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend

You might need to realize that speed is only one of the numerous advantages that the best blender for protein shakes can offer. From mixed milk juices to blended mixed drinks, you can control every one of the fixings, from a natural product to drain, to solid dietary enhancements. With the assistance of perhaps the best blender available, you can get ready numerous delightful beverages in your kitchen like a flash.

So, in short, Oster BLSTPB works perfectly in doing all jobs of blending and the good news is that it falls in the list of best blenders under 100.

How to Use?

Utilizing this battery-operated blender is straightforward. Just fill the versatile container with the ideal extra blend. I utilize an assortment of nourishments, for example, solidified organic products, milk, vegetables or juice. At that point wrap the screw on the top, adjust the bolts on the top and the base and blend it. At last, essentially turn the oral top, at that point wash it rapidly on the compact screw. Toss it in a pack or convey it; whatever you choose, convenient size is adaptable for any way of life. Follow these simple advances and you’re prepared to do it today.

Main Features:-

BPA Plastic body in juicer vs. blender:

Oster My Blend is served in an assortment of colors and incorporates a cookbook remembered for the guide. The jug is made of tough without BPA plastic that can withstand mileage during pregnancy throughout the day. It likewise goes into the dishwasher. It is fueled by an engine with an implicit breaker for programmed recuperation in case of overheating. Accompanies the plausibility of acquiring and a multiyear guarantee in case of breakdowns or glitches.BPA Plastic body

It is an incredible choice for youngsters and dynamic grown-ups who experience issues with their water bottles. Oster offers the plausibility of obtaining extra containers well with the base of the mixer, so you won’t come up short on clean jugs.

Water Proof:

Oster My Blend is an incredible decision for the purchaser in a hurry or in any event, for the individuals who love smart blenders. This is the best juice blender. We utilized this item three to four times each week and fully content with this buy. It is exceptionally simple to utilize and a perfect size for breakfast. I even attempted a portion of the plans remembered for the guide and heavenly. Because of a waterproof top, it can without much of a stretch be utilized as a water bottle when I go to the exercise center. Generally speaking, Oster My Blend is the ideal blender for those with a bustling way of life, similar to me. If you are considering acquiring a versatile mixer, this item won’t disillusion.


I realized I required a dishwasher-safe blender that was strong, simple to utilize, and versatile. I did a great deal of research, read audits on various items, and concluded that Oster My Blend was the ideal blender for me. I got this blender since I needed to begin making juice each morning to make it simpler to get the natural products/vegetables for that day. It is little, contains enough elements for great help, and works well overall.

I normally put bananas, solidified natural products, coconut milk, and protein powder. Blends rapidly and without protuberances. I have a full-size mixer which is excessively costly and one moment! Best of all, I can simply flip the blender again and again and again and again and over again on the top for a speedy excursion out of the entryway to work after. It made my life simpler toward the beginning of the day and helped me have a genuine breakfast at my vitality level.

Modes of Oster BLSTPB:

There are several models of best blender for protein shakes that can be ordered into three primary sorts, including customary mixers, inundation mixers, and individual mixers. In this article, we will perceive how to pick the correct kitchen mixer and clarify the significant subtleties that make a few models stand apart from the rest. Next, we will share probably the most encouraging decisions we discovered during our examination. No issues up until now. So, using different audits has offered me guidance on the best way to expand the life of this small mixer – the truth is stranger than fiction.Modes of Oster BLSTPB

At the point when utilized appropriately, this little person is a beast! I generally ensure that half of the jug is fluid, fill the rest + with ice and blend the short barges in with certain vibrations. Under two minutes, I have a protein shake toward the beginning of the day, decent and cool! The little impression implies it can remain on the table and the sharp edge spread is anything but difficult to clean. I trust I can get numerous great years from this little person.

Pricing Comparison between Amazon and eBay:-

Amazon19.99 $ Check Price
Ebay49.99 $ Check Price

Brand        Oster
Weight      1 lbs.
Colour       Pink
Size            6.9*6.7*14.9
Material     Plastic
Warranty   1 year
Wattage     250 W

Key Features
  • Can work on 25 Watts
  • Solid warranty
  • Elegant design
  • Soothing color and contrast with a glossy finish


Our Verdict
The simple and little size of this blender was what astonished me and ended up being a good decision. It has enough solidarity to effectively blend totally solidified organic product. I haven’t taken a stab at anything with ice however I envision it will have a comparative outcome – a smooth, smooth squash. There is just one catch – the beat – so I need to carefully control the procedure, yet that is fine with me. I needn’t bother with a huge base with many rich features, only a low-influence electric mixer that mixes splendidly with solidified foods grown from the ground to stand the trial of time. Very simple to clean – don’t leave the elastic/plastic top all-around secured for a really long time or it might dry out in difficult to arrive at breaks.
Customary mixers, particularly the more dominant models, can meet a large portion of your everyday needs. When all is said in done, they are bigger and occupy more room than individual mixers. Nonetheless, they have considerably more dominant motors and can deal with heavier assignments. They are likewise the most costly mixers.
Obviously, there are numerous moderate conventional blenders that can make your own smoothies. Oster is also the best portable blender for you.


Why Oster BLSTPB Travel blender is so special?
As blenders may intently look like nourishment processors, they are not explicitly created to encourage cooking. Oster is principally intended to cut and blend the elements for making refreshments and fluid blends.
Are blades of Oster BLSTPB made of Stainless steel?
The blades of Oster are made of Stainless steel but attached with plastic. It does not matter, as it works perfectly.
Can it blend ice with ease?
Yes, it can easily crush that ice and do your job perfectly. It is the best blender for ice.
Is this blender good for vegetable blending?
All vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and others can easily be blended with this Oster blender.

Wrap Up:-

The reasonable and uncommon mixers are helpful for explicit uses, for example, setting up a snappy dinner. They have less force than their conventional partners, yet they spare space and are commonly increasingly costly.


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