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Natural Remedies for a Glowing Skin

Skin care is the most discussed topic around the world. Every girl and woman dreams to have a picture perfect face that glowing skin through out the day. There are a number of different products that are produced to make your skin glow. However, there are certain products that can back fire. There are a number of natural ingredients using which you can have a clear and glowing skin in no time. You may even find these in your kitchen and fridge as well.

Skin is considered to be the most sensitive. It is better to use products that suite well with our skin to keep it safe from any harmful chemicals etc.

Natural Ingredients for Glowing Skin:

Following is a list of all the natural ingredients that you can bring to use to get a glowing skin:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Potato
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Turmeric
  5. Honey
  6. Lemon
  7. Baking soda
  8. Ubtan
  9. Green tea
  10. Multani mitti also known as Fullers Earth

Let’s see how all of the above natural ingredients can help making glowing skin.



The skin or the tissue of the cucumber is generally water, yet additionally contains ascorbic acid which is vitamin C and also a percentage of caffeine, the two of which help alleviate skin disturbances and decrease swelling. The two acids forestall water maintenance, which may clarify why cucumbers connected topically are frequently useful for swollen eyes, skin burns and dermatitis. Cucumbers are an incredible treat for the skin. They have a similar pH as the skin so they help reestablish the defensive acid mantle they likewise have hydrating, feeding and astringent properties.

The skin of a cucumber is wealthy in fiber and contains an assortment of gainful minerals including silica, potassium and magnesium. The silica in cucumber is a fundamental segment of salutary connective tissue, which incorporates muscles, ligaments, tendons, ligament, and bone. Cucumber juice is regularly prescribed as a wellspring of silica to improve the composition and strength of the skin, in addition to cucumber’s high water content makes it normally hydrating an unquestionable requirement for gleaming skin.



Some of you might feel weird about potatoes. But yes, potatoes do help in making glowing skin and also helps with a number of skin related problems as well. The potato or crude potato is a useful nourishment additionally for healthy skin, particularly for its substance in vegetable starch and vitamin C. This tuber is so expended that it can help us enormously improve the excellence of our skin. Following are the benefits of using potato for skin care:

  • It helps to avoid the skin looking dull
  • Helps to remove wrinkles
  • The starch and the vitamin C that potatoes contain is perfect for evacuating stains on the skin, both dull spots that may show up because of age or exposing the skin to the sun, for example, scars left on the face because of skin break out. It gets a clearer, beautiful and uniform skin
  • Takes out dark circles and swelling of the eyelids by advancing blood flow around the eyes and diminishing the widening of veins here. In the meantime, it de-congests and revives the eye form
  • Helps to heal dry skin
  • Helps to hydrate the skin
  • Also helps to revive the skin from skin burns

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera for glowing skin

The unbelievably helpful Aloe plant has been prized as a recuperating home grown cure since antiquated occasions. In addition to the fact that it nourishes the body from inside supporting assimilation, giving advantageous supplements and boosting insusceptible capacity. However, it tends to be utilized topically to improve the well being and magnificence of your face, skin, hair and that’s just the beginning. Following are the benefits that Aloe Vera provides:

  • Helps to soothe sun burns
  • Helps to keep your skin moisturized through out the day
  • Helps with wound healing
  • Helps to reduce break outs or any pimple, acne scars
  • Helps to light blemishes



Turmeric for Glowing Skin

Turmeric is one of the most important spices that is used in almost every food. It is also considered to be the most happening herb on the planet earth. Following are the benefits of using turmeric for glowing skin:

  • It is the best anti-inflammatory and is the amazing for your skin
  • Helps to reduce redness
  • Fights acne
  • Helps to lighten acne scars
  • Helps to tone down dark circles
  • Protects the skin from sub damage
  • Provides a soothing effect on a dry skin


Honey for glowing skin

Honey is amazing for your skin on account of its antibacterial properties and robust serving of skin-sparing cell reinforcements. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a reasonable DIY arrangement or a ground-breaking skin treatment, Honey can enable you to get your shinny skin back. Following are the benefits provided by honey:

  • Helps fight acne
  • Helps to smoothen the skin
  • Helps to make your skin soft
  • Helps to slow down aging and also avoids dull looking skin
  • Helps to give your complexion a boost
  • Helps to clean your pores thoroughly and reduce their size as well

Honey is always the best, said Winnie the Pooh.


Lemon for Glowing Skin

Turns out, your skin and hair love lemons, as well. Lemons have a wide scope of amazing benefits.

  • Lemons can act as strong antibacterial and so can be used as a clarifying moisturizer for the skin
  • Lemons can be best to treat black heads
  • Lemon cleansing wipes are known to provide a clean and fresh after effect to the skin
  • Helps to lighten any dark spots on the skin
  • Lemons are wealthy in vitamin C and citrus extract, so they can help light up and help your skin when utilized after some time. Vitamin C is an incredible cell reinforcement for killing free radicals and boosting collagen creation

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda for glowing skin

Baking soda is a kitchen must have that is utilized in making sweets and other yummy treats. In any case, that is not all that it does, there are a number of reasons why you stock up baking soda in your storage cabinets as it can do wonders for your skin. From banishing skin break out to keeping your feet glad, and from wiping out personal stench to helping imperfections, here are some of the reasons why you should always have baking soda:

  • Helps to banish pimples
  • Helps to lighten and remove dark spots on the skin
  • Can be used to remove black heads from the skin
  • Baking soda can also help to remove the dead skin cells from your skin
  • Can also help to remove unwanted hair from your face to keep it clear and shinning


Ubtan for Glowing Skin

Ubtan is a blend of turmeric, chickpea flour and sandalwood powder. What’s more, it’s most likely the most established face mask known to man. Ubtan can be fused into your daily skin routine, contingent upon your separate skin issues. It won’t just assist you with perceptible skin helping yet additionally deal with different issues like clogged pores, whiteheads, dark spots, pigmentation, sunburn, and so forth. Ubtan can be utilized in different approaches to accomplish that ideal reasonable composition and perfect skin.

Green Tea:

Green Tea for Glowing Skin

With regards to healthy skin, we’re in a submitted association with green tea which is a genius fixing with Eastern beginning and Western diaspora. We’re going to highlight and focus on the advantages of green tea for skin, and how to utilize it in a compelling and absorb-able structure for most extreme gleam. Following are the benefits of green tea:

  • Helps to fight skin cancer
  • Helps to reduce skin irritation
  • Helps to reduce skin itchiness
  • Helps to treat acne
  • Helps to clog pores and reduce their size as well
  • Green tea is crammed with Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both basic for skin well being. B2 assumes a basic job in keeping up collagen levels for young skin structure and solidness. vitamin E underpins new skin cell development and furthermore acts as an extreme hydrator for delicate and supported skin
  • Caffeine and tannins in green tea help contract veins around the eyes, making it a wonder for treating puffy eyes and dark circles. Apply some Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream that is stuffed with green tea and espresso for ground-breaking skin DE puffing and lighting up activity

Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth:

Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth for glowing skin

Multani mitti is generally known for its utilization in excellent and healthy skin cures. Fundamentally multani mitti face packs helps to lessen slickness and provide a sound gleam to the skin. Moreover, full’s earth is a decent spongy, this compound sees an assortment of employments today in channels, purification, treatment for harming, litter boxes, and as a cleaning operator. In cosmetology and dermatology, more full’s earth is compelling as a chemical, evacuating oil, soil, and debasements from skin and furthermore helping treat skin inflammation and other skin issues.

  • Cleanses skin and pulls out any dirt in the pores
  • Controls oil production in the skin
  • Is amazingly effective against acne
  • Can be used as a scrub and helps to remove the dead skin cells
  • Helps to boost circulation and improve the skin complexion
  • Helps to remove black and white heads