Magicbullet vs. Nutribullet Comparison [Updated March 2020]


While there are contrasts in value, cost, choosing which mixer the best lead mixer is in the middle of need to a great extent rely upon your requirements, not the expense or frill. While both have points of interest, what you need to confront is the thing that you need to confront.

This audit gives an examination of Magic Bullet and Nutribullet so you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the two mixers and need to consider.

Nutribullet Blender:-

Nutribullet is the least complex and most effortless answer for get ready supplement rich juices.  It is the best blender for ice.


It has (1) 600W motor base, (1) extractor blade, (1) processing cutting blade, (1) handle cup, (1) 24 oz cup, (1) 18 oz cup, (1 ) cup ring, (1) Cup circle with handle, (2) Stay cool, tight tops and formula book


Simply turn the slide and flush with cleanser and water, at that point place the cups on the best in the class of the dishwasher. This thing accompanies a one year guarantee.


An incredible 600 W motor and nutritious sharp blade incorporate entire foods into fluid fuel for your body – in a moment or two.

Burden it with your preferred entire foods like nuts, berries and spinach, at that point push it up, blend it tenderly and fuse it into a more beneficial way of life.


The Nutribullet model is reasonable and of high caliber, and will work well for you sometime before you get another. It is the best protein shake blender.


This item can be utilized while getting ready delicate vegetables or organic product juices. Its pounding sharp blade is exceptionally intended to keep an eye on all seeds. As Nutribullet smoothies are not exactly tantamount to the juices created by different mixers in the Nutribullet arrangement, they can at present be put away.

Fast Blending:

This fast blend can assist you with getting ready different dietary solutions, ensuring you eat well foods. It is additionally simple to spotless as the parts can be expelled and washed in the dishwasher.

Very Quiet Blender:

Another element of Nutribullet is that it is amazingly calm when blending. This, obviously, is because of its low force motor. If you have a family and don’t have to wake up when making the morning juice.

Best Blender:

As it isn’t the best blender to use for making flour, Nutribullet is a decent processor. The crushing cutting blade can serenely granulate different seeds, espresso beans and oats.


One downside of the Nutribullet mixer is that it isn’t intended for escalated use. Asti is sensibly sturdy and dependable, it can’t be utilized day by day. It is appropriate for making juices a few times each week.

Magic Bullet Mixer:-


The body is made of treated steel and the cups are made of tough, BPA plastic. Bother free cleaning Just turn the slide, lift it up with cleanser and water, and at that point place the cups on the best in the class of the dishwasher. This thing accompanies a 1-year warranty.


It has: (1) 250 W motor base, (1) crossed blade, (1) high cup, (1) short cup, (1) party cup, (2) resalable spreads, (1) Cover the association and the formula manage for 10 seconds.


Magic Bullet allows you to blend, mix and shred your preferred foods in a flash. Magic Bullet is pretty similar to Nutribullet in many things. That is why they are more likely the same. The look is also the same but the difference occurs only in the power of the motor for blending.


This item likewise accompanies a free one year guarantee. If the Magic Bullet Mixer crashes because of a maker flaw, you can get free other options and fixes with a one year guarantee.


Magic Bullet is ideal for individuals who don’t have to utilize a blender consistently and is likewise reasonable for the individuals who would prefer not to go through a great deal of cash purchasing a blender.

Good for Vegetables:

It is additionally a decent blender for a dinner and is mostly utilized for crushing limited quantities of food, vegetables, flavors, and natural products. It is in this way not reasonable for families.

11 Piece Set:

Furthermore, it is sold in an 11-piece set that incorporates various tops and cup alternatives, an essential cookbook that contains different medicines that can be beaten in 10 seconds or less in addition to a sharp blade.

Why Bullet mixers are so special?

While standard mixers have a low rpm for the capacity of the wire to blend fluid fixings, lead mixers pivot at velocities of up to 24,000 rpm to pound and pulverize seeds, meats Plants, organic products, stems and pits to separate nutritious nutrients.

Which blender is the best, Magic Bullet or Nutribullet?

  • In case you’re conflicted between Magic Bullet and Nutribullet and don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin, our audit will assist you with choosing all the more effectively which mixer you purchase.
  • As the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet mixers originate from a similar parent organization – Homeland Housewares – they have similitudes and contrasts in their features, cost and target advertise section. These are the best blender for protein shakes.

Wrap up:-

For the most part in the middle of, Nutribullet is far better than Magic Bullet. If you are not kidding about your juice and its quality, this is one of the circumstances where try not to be reluctant to spend more to get your juice the manner in which you need.

Comparison Table:-

Warranty1 years1 years
Watt250 watt600 watt
BladesThick and BluntThick, sharp tower blades
Weight1.4 kg1.63 kg
Capacity64 oz.72 oz.


Is Magicbullet Blender as good as Nutribullet?

Nutribullet is very good for crushing hard objects. Magicbullet is a bit slow in crushing hard food.

Which one is better, Nutribullet or Magicbullet?

Nutribullet is more powerful, elegant and an all-around blender as compared to Magicbullet blender.

Which one is the best blender for the kitchen?

Both are sensational. Nutribullet is good for blending whereas Magicbullet is good for making smoothies.

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