Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker review

Portable Blender

Homgeek Mini Blender with Portable Cup, Made of top quality ABS and Tritan material, exceptionally exquisite, reduced and solid. This best blender for protein shakes has powerful blades to blend organic products, vegetables or different fixings with incredible productivity.

What’s more, the client direct incorporates scrumptious plans to kick you off. Actually an incredible little blender that lets you appreciate heavenly and sound nourishment and causes you to keep up a fair eating routine and great dietary patterns. If you like juice, you will attempt to discover better and simple approaches to drink this beverage consistently.

On account of the new innovations of numerous incredible blenders, you can plan juices effectively, yet in addition, convert many beverage plans into an enjoyment cooking movement. This is the best blender under 100.

Main Features:-

Homegeek blenders have tons of innovative features. We will discuss some of them that make this protein blender an awesome product for the users.

Light in Weight:

The jug being exceptionally light, you can go horse riding, climbing or outdoors. This succulent blender is strong and safe to use as it is very much structured with substantial materials. Homgeek Mini Blender with Portable Cup, Made of top quality ABS and Tritan material, exceptionally exquisite, smaller and sturdy.

Sharp Blades:Sharp Blades

It is a battery-operated blender and has an incubation facility cutting edge to move and taste organic products, vegetables or different fixings with extraordinary productivity. Crush the juice in no time flat with a straightforward catch – exceptionally basic and down to earth. The top can be joined as far as possible of the jug – helpful for capacity.

2 Big Jugs:2 Big Jugs

It has 2 great size jugs. Immaculate in a hurry, as in the wake of blending, put the top on. I like to make vegetable juice before working without issues. It need not be set in another holder and washed/cleaned. They made it very simple to utilize and clean. It’s extremely justified, despite all the trouble.


Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker

It is ideal for traveling. Blend the protein powder, the foods are grown from the ground almond milk and blend well. I get it for breakfast each morning in the vehicle until the compartment they blend in with it, you can take it with you. This spares me from cleaning a cup of drink and a blender. Two of everyone is incredible!

Good for Small Family:

This extraordinary individual blender, you’ve never utilized vegetables there, so you can’t discuss it, however for organic product juices, it’s incredible and sensibly estimated. I even utilize dried organic products without cutting them, as the stunt initially pours the fluid piece of the formula so the solids drift and the sharp edges of the machine don’t close. We love it, it blends superbly, pulverizes the dried foods grown from the ground an exceptionally scrumptious and rich juice. It is the best juice blender that you can use.

Perfect Size of Juicer vs Blender:

Another juice blender on the agenda is the Homgeek smaller than the normal blender. It is an entirely compact juicer that has its own games pack with a snare. So you can undoubtedly take the juice or take it with you any place you go. Since it is reduced and conservative, this juice producer is the ideal mix for home, office, and travel. Aside from that, it likewise accompanies a 600ml blending bottle in with a top which is ideal for making a limited quantity of individual natural product juice.

We were searching for a little, strong blender to enable us to plan custom made infant nourishment for babies. The enormous blenders weren’t so good since we should utilize a ton of items to have the option to blend them. This little blender was flawless as we would now be able to get ready new nourishment for babies without squandering the additional vegetables to blend them up. This is the best portable blender that makes quick juice of the vegetables we have utilized.

Pricing Comparison between Amazon and eBay:-

Amazon29.99 $ Check Price
Ebay44.99 $ Check Price

Brand      Homegeek
Weight    4.76lbs.
Colour      Silver
Size          4.4*5.5*16
Material    Plastic
Warranty  1 year

Key Features
  • Superb 4 stainless steel blades
  • Flawless Blade base design
  • The best blender for crushing ice
  • Free 600ml BPA plastic bottle
  • Friendly user interface

Top Features

Our Verdict
We truly enjoyed the different hood, which makes cleaning simpler and the jugs are dishwasher safe. It additionally doesn’t take up a great deal of counter space. I trust it’s somewhat calmer yet it doesn’t generally trouble me since it takes a couple of moments to blend everything up. By and large awesome incentive for cash and also the best blender for ice.
The base of the blender is exquisite and slight, the container part is long and rich, and has a limit of around 600 ml, it is wonderful to most recent daily, simply blend your juice well, move it to the spot Work, dry it and drink it when you need. It likewise accompanies a rich top, leaves the juice at home, spread the typical top and turns into a container of sports drink. The minimal blender is strong for its size. Rapidly blend everything (counting ice) toward the beginning of the day, simply make certain to apply a type of fluid. Incredible for making protein shakes and beverages while in a hurry. It accompanies a 20-ounce take-out cup, which is acceptable.


How you can charge the blender?
The power cord is available in the kit. You can easily connect that to the Homegeek blender and charge with ease.
Can I purchase a cup from Homegeek?
Yes, you can surely contact the Homegeek brand ad place your order there.
Do this blender come with a filter?
No filter is there. But it’s a product worth buying, and you can easily purchase a filter from the nearby market.
Why is Homegeek personal blender right for you?
In the first place, it is a decent minimized individual blender. I anticipated it as a bit. It works quite well, blends well and the materials look tough. He accompanied an additional cup. So it is pleasant to have it and use it even at work when you go for a lighter lunch like juice or a shake.

Wrap Up:-

Subsequent to inspecting the full survey of these extraordinary items, you can see that all the juice machines displayed here are likewise acceptable in configuration, capacity and usefulness. In this way, you can undoubtedly choose to possess this best blender for protein shakes with no stress. If you additionally find what you need, get it soon while the things are as yet accessible.
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