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Home Cooked Food vs Fast Food

In the olden days home cooked meals were considered to be the best as they were made with all the healthy ingredients and were never the reason behind people getting sick. As the world is advancing and more complex ingredients are being introduced, fast food is becoming a common trend among people. There are several fast food restaurant chains that are running in the country.

With the extremely busy schedules of the working class, they find solace in eating out as they don’t find time to cook meals at home. They do know how important home cooked meals are as they contain all the good nutrients and can protect you from any stomach related diseases, however, they still choose to eat out to avoid getting over worked.

Advantages of Consuming Home Cooked Meals:

Advantages of Consuming Home Cooked Meals

Home cooked meals are known to be advantageous when it comes to getting the right amount of calories and good nutrients in your system. Home cooked meals also support weight loss. Following are some of the advantages of consuming home cooked meals:

  • Helps to save time
  • Helps to save money
  • Include healthy ingredients
  • Prevents any food allergies and diseases
  • Helps to control portion size
  • Promotes family time

Helps to Save Time:

We know how difficult it gets for you to come home tired and having the feeling to cook food for your hungry self and also the family. It can get very stressful and you can end up getting overworked. These are the times when you usually decide to grab a bite out side of home to avoid long cooking hours. However, the best way to save time and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you come home is to plan your meals ahead of time. Plan what you would want to eat in the coming week and get all the groceries for it over the weekend and prepare some of it beforehand. For instance, if you feel like having vegetable fried rice, cut your veggie over the weekend and it’ll help you save time and your rice would be ready in about 30 minutes. However, if you do choose to cook something complex you can always cook and refrigerate in an air tight container. Take it out and let it cook on a low flame for some time and serve.

Helps to Save Money:

Working hard all month and only spending the hard earned money on food because you become too lazy to cook food for yourself and end up eating out? When you decide to eat out considering you won’t have to work in the kitchen you are not only paying for the food but also for running their business. Even if you buy pre made food packets from the market, they too have very low nutritional content. The best way to save money is to:

  • Plan a few days of dinners. We’ll be more outlandish be enticed to eat something different in the event that we have an arrangement or something officially made.
  • Make a grocery rundown and stick to it to abstain from purchasing additional sustenance
  • Spare scraps in the fridge or cooler. When you get a load of remains put away, you can warm them sometime in the not too distant future when you don’t have room schedule-wise to cook

Includes Healthy Ingredients:

A lot of foods that you consume that are not prepared at home have high amounts of:

  • Fats
  • Sugars
  • Salts

Etc. These are never good in high amounts for our body systems. When cooking food at home we take into consideration the needs of the family and any allergies and add/use ingredients accordingly. This helps to keep your health in check and all your blood levels normal. For instance, if we end up making Chinese at home we add a few ingredients such as chicken, soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar etc. however, when you eat Chinese outside of home, the chefs add a number of ingredients to it which are sometimes not even needed. So it is always best to consider cooking at home when you can get the same taste and better quality by using lesser ingredients and also saving money at home.

Prevents Food Allergies and Diseases:

With eating out, comes the risk of food allergies and diseases that can really turn you upside down. A number of people get caught in the spell of stomach pains and food allergies because of eating fast food. When you can avoid these by eating home cooked meals, why even take the risk of eating out. You are the chef in your kitchen and you can take control of everything. You will know what is good for your family and how much is required.

Helps to Control Portion Size:

When you are looking forward to losing weight it is best that you eat home cooked meals. As it is known that the key to losing weight is to control your portions. This is impossible if you are eating out. Numerous cafés and inexpensive food joints offer bits that are a lot bigger than should be expected. What’s more, the issue is, when the food is before you, odds are you’ll eat it. When you eat in, you can control the measure of food served for supper, dispensing with superfluous enticement.

Promotes Family Time:

Eating home cooked meals is the best way to spend more quality time with your family on the dinner table. Studies demonstrate that when we eat together, our children and family are a lot more benefited from it. Eating together is connected to less heftiness, kids improving in school, and less substance maltreatment inside the family. Including your kids in nourishment planning perhaps by requesting that they read the ingredients for all to hear or blend fixings isn’t just a fun activity, yet additionally an extraordinary method to show them smart dieting propensities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Out:

Though eating out sounds a lot fun with a great atmosphere and ambiance and people chatting around you and the night life with a wide variety of food items to choose from, however, eating out can be bad for you as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Out

Following are the advantages of eating out:

One of the advantage of eating out is that it helps in families draw near and hobnobbing on the grounds that when one is at home than there are numerous diversions which don’t enable all individuals of the family to eat together yet with regards to going out for supper there are no such diversions which help the families in making a forceful enthusiastic bond between relatives.

Welcome Change:

It gives a much needed development to female individuals from the family in light of the fact that occasionally it gets exhausting or dull to continue eating at home for a long time and when one goes for eating out than it gives alleviation just as satisfaction on the grounds that a lot of one thing can be exhausting and eating at home for extensive stretch of time is a unique little something.

Makes Occasions Extraordinary:

Eating out makes extraordinary events like birthday events and commemorations progressively unique on the grounds that these events come once in a year and if on that day additionally one doesn’t do any other way by going out for supper instead of eating at home than it will make that event less uncommon.

Following are the disadvantages of eating out:

Less Hygienic:

The most concerning issue with eating outside is that it is less sterile and now and again individuals become ill subsequent to eating out in light of the fact that the sort of cleanliness which one gets at home can’t be repeat anyplace as even presumed eateries think that it’s hard to coordinate the cleanliness models of home prepared sustenance.


In this day and age going out with family or companions is over the top expensive and that is the motivation behind why white collar class families rarely go eating out with their family normally in light of the fact that eating outside routinely brings about month to month spending plan of the family getting aggravated.

Taste and Quality:

With regards to taste of sustenance and furthermore healthful substance of the nourishment eating outside may not be the best alternative as just a couple of cafés focus on wholesome substance of the sustenance. Another issue with eating outside is that there is no surety that one will get delicious sustenance in a café, consequently, even subsequent to paying quite a lot of cash, you don’t get the correct nourishment then it will normally be a failure for the entire family. By this we know that eating food at home is always best in order to keep in mind the health of your family and of course yourself. Eating out can be good at times but not every day as it can be expensive and you may catch allergies or diseases related to stomach.

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