Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

We were astonished by this mixer quickly!! When we removed it from the lid and felt the heaviness of a genuine machine. It’s so straightforward! Include every one of the fixings in the proposed request, press the smooth button and hold up 60 seconds.

Nothing that couldn’t be befuddled was found. Perhaps the best part is to tidy up. Only a glass of water, for 5 seconds put the button and press rapidly in the sink and do. Besides this astounding thing, you can purchase the entire set, and when you close the lid, you don’t hear anything. It is the best blender for protein shakes.


Main Features:-


It’s wonderful, somewhat like another vehicle in the showroom. It makes smooth juices, even with crude spinach leaves, and there are no pieces behind. If you are on a fluid eating routine, you had a go at cutting the chicken bosoms with chicken juices, and you got a superb, smooth soup that was hot enough to be delighted in.

Quick and intuitive:

It was distinctly for a brief timeframe. It works extraordinary for making ice for solidified beverages and heaps of shrimp mixed drinks and the juices. It didn’t take long to begin with different plans. It is solid for egg serving of mixed greens, fish, and chicken. At the point when we make granola or these servings of mixed greens, we need to control the shapes all the more absolutely and the nourishment procedure is better.


This the best blender for protein shakes varies from a quality processor by the contrast between the front scoops. There is a minor objection if you get a beat of nourishment with the flat top a portion of the substance will spill into the sound spread to cover. This doesn’t give back access that we can see and is exceptionally hard to clean.

Grinds hard objects:

Ninja battery operated blender didn’t last and the substitution cost was not totally unique in relation to the expense of buying another mixer in the wake of reaching guarantee administration. We have never attempted any of the Vitamix brands. We completely love this blender. We love this blender. We effectively make crude nut spread with it. The juices are extremely smooth! Immaculate juices and amazing smoothies.

Perfect in Kitchen:

The fairing altogether diminishes the sound. We have discovered that great pressure is required in the focal point of the cover of the Wild Side Jar to guarantee that the cover lays on the base. We attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the messiness in the kitchen counter however Blendtec is stopped there for all time. It is enormous and strong. It doesn’t fit under our kitchen cupboards. If this is an issue, I recommend explicit strides before purchasing.


The exact opposite thing 8 years guarantee ensured for us. Since we use it a few times each day, there is no uncertainty that it will pay during the current year.



Brand            Blendtec
Weight          11.99lbs.
Colour           Black
Size                 38*25*54inch
Material         Plastic
Warranty       8 year

Pros & Cons

Key Features
  • Blunt blades without tampering
  • Six programmable cycles
  • Awesome design
  • Ideal performance
  • 11-speed options
  • Best juice blender
  • 36 oz blending capacity
  • BPA free
  • Too much costly
  • Not even near to Vitamix

Pricing Comparison of Blender Juicer vs. Blender between Amazon and eBay:-

There is such a great difference in pricing. You can also check out the link where you can buy that blender with a good discount. This is a decent battery-powered blender.

Amazon799.95 $ Check Price
Ebay956.87 $ Check Price
Our Verdict
Best kitchen buy in years! Following quite a while of working with low-end mixers and unassuming outcomes, we tried this beast around about a month and found no issues. On a principal day, we created soup and hot juices. The juices it makes are incredible.



Why Blendtec Professional 800 Blender is the best?
This is a mind-blowing item. It is one of the most adaptable mixers we have attempted previously and we are completely shocked by its quality and structure. This is also the best blender for ice.
What is the HP of Blendtec Professional motor?
Well, 3.8 peak horsepower is the strength of the battery included in Blendtec Professional blender.
Can we charge the phone with this battery?
No, sorry you cannot do that. That USB port fits only with the blender.

Wrap Up:-

Cleaning is fast and simple. We love the exhausting cutting blade since we are never reluctant to cut fingers. The mixer spread is a fantastic acoustic humidifier. The warranty is mind-boggling. We are so happy and was idealistic and got this model. This is a genuine terrible Blender. This is the best portable blender.
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Blendtec Professional 800 Blender
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