Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

We went back and forth if we got Blendtec or Vitamix. Our companions have Vitamix and we had the option to utilize it a few times. We have little kids who love to make squeezes each day and Blendtec Automation with our pre-customized buttons.

Moreover, the way that Blendtec was exhausting rather than sharp made it extremely appealing with the goal that our kids could tidy up after themselves and not stress over cutting themselves on sharp edges. It is the best blender for protein shakes.


Main Features:-


This is the best blender around. We scanned for some time before choosing to store this sort of cash on a blender and it was justified, despite all the trouble. We make squeezes each day and experience difficulty finding a blender that isn’t dead following a half year. Blendtec far surpasses our desires. We like that it has little messages on the control screen and that it keeps a constant estimation of the measure of the blend.


We have 800 and 725 battery operated blender models. The 800 model is a little calmer gratitude to its commotion dropping shell. In any case, the Model 725 isn’t slow separated from the high noise level, which is broadly anticipated from a mixer with inept force definitions. 725 blends all solidified organic products, entire harsh vegetables, apples, pears, and oranges. It even blends seeds into a drinkable juice, which is astounding.

Good for Blending:

It has a material interface with 6 pre-modified courses that convey natural illustrations. We find that we utilize the entirety of the courses for the duration of the day. The best blender ever! If you have a solid existence, it is an unquestionable requirement. This is probably the best juice blender.

Crushes bulky grains and vegetables:

Additionally, the best blender for protein shakes. crushes the grains for flour, which sets aside a ton of cash, and makes natively constructed frozen yogurt, soups, salsa, sauces, and the menu is fantastic. Simple to utilize, likes the advanced screen, monitors utilize, and it’s astonishing! Superior to Vitamix, unimaginable force. The purchaser doesn’t lament at all you will have for a considerable length of time. Another cool element is Wild Side Jar, it’s astonishing, and we had no issue blending things up.

Quality product:

These things blend everything up. We have had it for close to 30 days and we are as of now in 200 blends. The quality is awesome and the juice it makes is 100% natural and good for your health.

If you need to keep things in your middle as we accomplish for speedy access, you will value the way that it fits in your cupboards, as Vitamix is ​​too long and won’t fit in your cupboards. We strongly suggest this blender. Since our companions have seen Blendtec in real life. It is the battery-powered blender as well.



Brand            Blendtec
Weight          11lbs.
Colour           Black
Size                 9.2*7*15
Material        Stainless steel
Warranty      8 year

Pros & Cons

Key Features
  • Blunt blades without tampering
  • Full Stainless steel body
  • Smart Blending option
  • Precision in performance
  • Flawless design
  • Best blender for ice
  • Noise-reducing ability
  • 8 years warranty
  • Terrible support
  • Quality is not satisfactory


Pricing Comparison of Blender Juicer vs. Blender between Amazon and eBay:-

There is such a great difference in pricing. You can also check out the link where you can buy that blender with a good discount.

Amazon543.98 $ Check Price
Ebay619.99 $ Check Price
Our Verdict
Blendtec Designer 725 is a sensational blender for protein shakes. For certain individuals, its sound might be high however with incredible power, the blending cycle will be done sometime before different mixers begin to get solidified organic products, and so forth. It is the best portable blender.


Why Blendtec Designer 725 is better than 625?
Obviously, Designer 725 is much better than the previous one because of its powerful ability and other innovative e features.

Does this blender have anti-slip pads?

Yes, it has anti-slip pads that you can ear and help you a lot in using this.

Does Blendtec Designer handle cord storage?

No, it can’t. It comes with Velcro wrap and it was wrapped in that. You have to place the cord in any other place.

Wrap Up:-

If you need the best blender however would prefer not to spend $ 1,000, get this one. If you just need the most extravagant mixer available and you have boundless income, pick Blendtec 725.
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